667 Star Nine - Kick Your Shoes Off and Have Some Bondage

17 photos; 12:08 video


Star came home from a long day at work and fell down onto her bed relaxing a bit and kicking off her high heels before suddenly she was surprised by a man who pounced on her and after flipping her over started binding her wrists together.  After poor Stars wrists are secured the man folds her legs up and begins binding her pantyhosed feet together.  Stars wriggling only succeeds in mildly slowing her attacker down and it also succeeds in causing her skirt to ride up creating a bit more upskirt than shed intended.  Finally with her wrists and legs tied the man gets to work binding her elbows together.  Star proves to be far from out of fight and starts trying to hop away every chance she can get.  The man isnt having it though and he grabs her and roughly tosses her onto the bed.  Winding coil after coil of tight rope around her upper arms the man pulls Stars arms uncomfortably close together as she pleads with him to let her go and leave her alone.  Finally with her completely secured the man sits Star up and produces a white cloth which he stuffs into her mouth.  Gathering her hair into a pony tail the man stuffs the wad suddenly into Stars mouth and quickly wrapping silver tape around her head to make sure that the gag stays in place and Star stays bound and gagged.  Star is roughly shoved down onto the bed where her top is unbuttoned and her bra exposed, her captor takes a bit to hand sample the merchandise before producing another rope.  Star starts to panic a bit when she realizes that hes tying the rope around her throat.  Her eyes grow large not knowing what the man has in store for her.  The rope however is meant to leash her off to her headboard.  Finally, confident that the rope should at least hold up for a bit the man leaves.  Unfortunately for Star he isnt gone very long and he catches her trying to untie herself from the headboard.  Star notices that he has another rope and realizes what is about to happen when he attaches it to her ankles and pulls them down to the bottom leg of the bed stretching star out and securing her to the bed.  The man grabs one more rope and loops it around her wrist cinch.  Pulling it tight he uses it to strappado poor Star in a lying position XXXX her to hold an uncomfortable position while he pinches and gropes at her ass to test how far she can move.  Finally the man goes and adjusts the knot on her neck rope again. Gripped by fear as to what he might do Star starts to protest from behind the gag again.  The man tightens the rope up a lot and poor star is XXXX to hold her movements to slow wiggling to avoid choking herself on the tightrope.  Finally as a final bit of humiliation for poor Star the captive the man pulls her bra down and plays with her nipples a bit before leaving Star to her predicament.  Star flexes her shapely legs and ass trying to find some slack in the ropes but all she can do is moan and wiggle as she settles in for what is sure to be a long night. 


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