713 Serene Isley: Secretary Hogtied Secretary Swept Away

31 photos; 22:46 video


Serene runs into her office and grabs a phone, she's seen a man in her building and she thinks he might be on her tail.  He strolls in after her casually with rope shoved into his back pockets.  Seeing her heels under the desk he casually unplugs her phone cord and pulls her roughly up from underneath the desk.  Grabbing her wrists and pulling them up sharply and binding them tightly together.  Her elbows are cruelly bound together next with more rope and the man finally has her enough at his mercy that he feels comfortable gagging her.  He finds some pantyhose in her desk that she's worn and run and shoves them roughly into her mouth.  Taking a roll of microfoam he then wraps her head sealing the worn pantyhose onto her tongue.  With her properly silenced another rope is then bound tightly around her forearms.  Shoving her roughly onto the ground the man next binds her legs together pulling rope first around her calves and then snaking the same rope down to her ankles.  Serene struggles a bit while the man leaves her hopefully in her mind to just rob the place and be done with it.  Her horror is confirmed however when instead he shows back up with yet more rope and binds her arms tightly to her torso.  Another confining harness is placed over her torso framing her breasts through her sweater.  One more rope comes into play as the man hogties Serene's ankles back up to her harness and he places the knot high on her back so she can't reach it.  Serene continually begs through her gag for mercy but the man just pulls her hair instead telling her that she should keep quiet. Leaving her tightly bound and gagged mouth stuffed with her worn dirty pantyhose Serene gets busy trying to struggle and free herself the second the man leaves her alone.  Rolling back and forth she's desperate to undo the knots but sadly she makes no progress and the man moves her to a room in his hideout.  She's hogtied on a mat in the floor by the man and groped a bit before her tits are taken out and to her horror he closes a door that can only be opened from the outside on her bound and still gagged form.  She struggles trying to shake the rope that he's left tied to the eyebolt at the top of her new cell. Serene gradually comes to realize that at least for now she's trapped and there is nothing she can do about it.

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