774 Candle Boxxx - Its a Trap!


Candle was told there was a vase she should see hidden in the old mostly empty building. She couldn't resist. She slowly made her way through the room, trying to figure out where it could be hidden...her eyes looking up thinking perhaps in the ceiling. Before she could finish her thought, a man grabs her from behind wrapping his big arms around her slender body. She wiggles in his grasp, the light reflecting off of her form fitting catsuit. He pulls her arms together behind her back until they touch and then ropes them into place, not wanting to take any chances on this one.


Despite her current disadvantage, Candle insists that she's going to get that vase. She tries to convince him that she doesn't travel alone, but he sees right through her tricks and keeps adding rope to her arms at the wrist and forearm. He pulls out a huge wad of white cloth to shut her up while he finishes the rest of the ropes. She isn't compliant, but he forces her to open her mouth and fills mouth with the cloth. He winds 3” wide microfoam tape so tightly around her head you can see the outline of her lips and the cloth, even under three layers.



Candle stomps her feet when she feels the next rope go around her waist and over her arms locking them to her body. He orders her to her knees, but he's all business. He lays her down and holds her legs still between his while he lashes her ankles together. She bucks her hips, but she can't go anywhere. The next rope secures her knees together. For the hogtie rope, he cinches her feet together running the rope under the arches of her boots then all the way up to her elbows and back. Candle rolls around, struggling in the ropes on the floor.


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