775 Leanna - Buxom Bikini Babysitter Bondage


Leanna has found herself babysitting a very familiar to some of you's boys and she's trying to get them to go nap so she can go outside in her bikini and sunbathe. After a bit of debate she realizes that she's going to have to play Cowboys and Indians in order to go outside and get her sun time in. Instead Leanna realizes she made have made an error when she finds herself bound at the wrists, elbows, and ankles in her very tiny bikini. She tries and fails to redirect them to any other game than the one that they are currently playing. But her charges will have none of that and instead just leave her on the couch and shooting down any suggestion she might have. Finally they run off to play and she ends up struggling alone and ungagged on the couch for a bit. Finally they return but instead of intending to untie her they dangle a white cloth in front of her face a bit implying that its going to go in her mouth which naturally it does. They then wrap silver tape around her head sealing the gag in tightly as she continues to wiggle and struggle on the couch trying to get her charges to untie her. Sadly for her they just run off to play again and leave her wiggling on the couch without any respite or chance at freedom. Leanna tries and tries to find any give in her knots but she can't manage as she wiggles and pulls her bare feet up onto the couch trying in vain to reach a knot. Finally the boys come back and lay her down on the floor hogtying her tightly and leaving her again to struggle and with the knowledge that her employers are coming home and while that will mean release will also mean the humiliation of them knowing she's been bound and gagged for most of the day in a tiny little bikini. Finally the step-dad gets home and asks her if she's fallen prey to cowboys and indians. He tells her to hold tight while he goes and gets his boys leaving her on the floor to struggle.

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