785 Enchantress Sahrye - Tricked Into Bondage


Sahrye is working in her hotel room on the road when she heads to the restroom for a moment. That's all the opening that David needs to sneak in and steal her very important thumb drive. Sahrye upon her return notices immediately that it's missing and starts frantically searching for it. She calls ironically enough her friend David to come over and stage a break in so she isn't fired for negligence in just simply losing it. He brings rope over and starts binding her ankles and knee before taking more rope and binding her wrists and elbows. Just as he takes the mouth packing out he tells Sahrye that he's pre planned this whole thing and she starts figuring things out and angrily gag talking at him. He taunts her a bit before taking her laptop as well and heading out of the room leaving Sahrye to struggle. Struggle is exactly what Sahrye does frustratingly yelling into the gag and eventually struggling out of her shoes.


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