791 Serene Isley & Adara Jordin - Co-erced to Bind and Gag her Roommate



Serene and Adara are herded into an office by a voice off camera. The man directs Serene to bind Adara and then gag her with mouth packing and microfoam tape. With Adara secured, Serene is forced to kneel and face the desk. After being made to cross her hands behind her back the man comes in and binds her the same way as Adara down to the mouth packing and microfoam gag. The man walks off, grabs more rope and moves in binding Adaras elbows before doing the same to Serene to match. Finally after letting them struggle a bit the man enters and actually ties their ankles together giving them a very awkward position from which to try to get free. They eventually manage to get their bonds undone, but only long after the man has left them struggling to get free.

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