796 Enchantress Sahrye - Handy Man Gets Handsy


Sahrye finally gets someone to answer her call to the front desk about her broken air conditioner, but what she doesn't know is that a man with nefarious plans intercepted the call and is intervening to get a chance to meet Sahrye. After fumbling with the air conditioner for a minute he wanders off before returning and bringing some duct tape and rope out. He eventually grabs Sahrye and throws her down onto the bed wrestling her arms around behind her back and binding her wrists and elbows. With her body contorted he wrestles ropes onto her ankles before flipping her over and gagging her with a large mouth packing and silver tape wrapped tightly around her head. He eventually has to rebind her elbows before giving Sahrye a few appraising gropes. A bit of spanking humiliation and another rope on the legs and the man finally has gotten enough and leaves Sahrye to struggle on the bed. Sahrye puts on a mighty fight struggling and gag talking, but not getting any give in either the ropes or gag.

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