798 Vicious Vamp - Lady Detective


Detective Vamp has been investigating a series of local break-ins and general criminal activity. Her luck takes a turn for the worst and one of her suspect drags her into an abandoned building. He grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back securing her wrists tightly together with rope. She tells him that he's not going to get away with it, but she doesn't really believe it herself. This guy has a history of violent crime and she's not sure if anyone even knows about this place since she just received the tip from an anonymous source.


David grabs another rope and binds the lady detective elbows so firmly together, she grimaces in pain. Det. Vamp calls David a freak, but that doesn't stop him. He uses another rope to tie off her wrists to the wooden beam above forcing her into a very uncomfortable position. He grabs her throat, forces some panties he found lying in the building in her mouth, and uses some silver tape wrapped around her head to lock them in place. With her silence assured, he goes back to the ropes and binds he r ankles together while she watches helpless to stop him. He decides to check out her giant knockers. He pulls her long blond hair out of the way, unbuttons her blouse, and pulls her big breasts from her bra. He pinches her nipples between his fingers making her whimper into the gag. He leaves her alone to stew hoping when he returns she'll be a bit more cooperative.


Detective Vamp pulls on the ropes, wiggling, and jerking and manages to get the overhead rope untied. She loses her balance briefly and hops back to regain it. David comes back into check on her and discovers she's managed to get herself out of the strappado. He lifts her back into position and puts her back in the position, this time pulling the rope tight and forcing her to bend at the waist. He leaves her alone again and she once again tries to escape, but this time the ropes are too tight.


David comes back in and unties the hogtie rope to let Det. Vamp down. Instead of continuing to untie her though, he lifts her up and lowers her to the ground. He loops a rope around her ankles and then through the elbow rope binding her in a tight hogtie on the floor. She breathes heavily into the gag as the man continues to add more rope. He lashes her ankles off to a pole behind her to keep her from rolling away.


After a few moments, he decides to try something else and while keeping her face down on the floor, he lifts her arms straight up behind her, perpendicular to the floor and ties them off to the crossbar in front of her. He tightens her ankles rope to the pole, lifting them in the air. Det. Vamp can hardly move now, but she wiggles back and forth, kicking her feet trying to free them. When David returns once again, he unties her from the pole, tosses her over his shoulder and carries off to another room to have a little more intense fun with his new toy.

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