804 Arielle Lane & Serene Isley in "Roommate Issues"


 Serene doesn’t realize when she heads into the living room that her roommate Arielle is still there.  The problem there you see is that the dress Serene is wearing belongs to Arielle and she’s not happy about it being borrowed without permission.  Serene leaves to change out of her dress but instead returns with a bag full of rope and after sitting down on the couch she grabs Arielle’s arms pulling them behind her back and binding her wrists tightly behind her back.  After binding her elbows and ankles her mouth is stuffed and microfoam tape wrapped tightly around her head.  Serene returns with another rope and taunts Arielle again before suddenly Arielle’s boyfriend arrives binding and gagging Serene to match Arielle and leaving them together to work out their “roommate issues” 

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