807 Nyxon & Serene Isley - Catburglar Catches a Copycat


Nyxon was trying to get the drop on the catburglar in her own nice new shiny red catsuit. Only one problem, Serene was aware of Nyxon's plan and was waiting on her to ambush her. Getting her off guard Serene has Nyxon cuff herself to an overhead point with a pair of handcuffs that she left. Serene enters when Nyxon is secure and starts binding her ankles together while her hands are held up in the air. More rope finds its way on Nyxon along with some pinches, slaps and gropes from Serene as she sizes up her quarry. A crotch rope and more leg ropes find their way onto Nyxon's shapely legs till Serene feels comfortable enough to let her down. She grabs more rope and quickly and adeptly binds Nyxon's arms behind her back starting at her elbows and then working her way down to the wrists. Finally Serene decides its time to silence the still complaining Nyxon and shoves a cloth into her mouth before wrapping microfoam tape around her head sealing it in. Serene then strappados and hair binds Nyxon leaving her very thoroughly bound and gagged and definitely not going anywhere Serene then takes her trophy photos and leaves Nyxon bound and squealing through her gag for release that might take a pretty long while to arrive.

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