817 Leanna Belle & Serene Isley - Roommate Bonding Through Bondage



Serene gets home just in time for a man to run into her bedroom and tackle her onto her bed.  She curses at him and he just silently holds her down and goes about his business of binding her arms on her bed.  She tells him that her roommate should be home soon and that just gives him the impetus for hurrying up his actions rather than actually having the desired affect of scaring him off.  The man binds Serene's ankles tightly and she tells him that her roommate is going to kick his ass.  He chuckles a bit at this and just goes along with the binding and gagging her.  Sitting her up he stuffs her mouth with a red cloth and wraps microfoam tightly around her head sealing it in.  Finally he binds her knees and leaves her to struggle.  Eventually her roommate Leanna comes home and he pounces on her and puts her down on the bed binding her arms tightly behind her back just like her roommate Serene.  First Leanna's wrists, then her ankles and finally her elbows fall to the evil ropes and she's sat up to receive her gag.  Another red cloth goes into her mouth and white microfoam is wrapped tightly around her head matching the gag he put on Serene.  She moans almost seductively getting adjusted to the invading cloth in her mouth and he leaves her after binding her knees to match.  Finally he comes back in and binds them seated back to back on the bed to get them a little bit closer to each other and effectively foiling any attempt they can make at getting each other untied.  They struggle and moan back to back their shirts bursting open at the strain of having their arms tied that tightly behind their back, but noone can hear their cries for help from behind the tight cruel gags. 

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