822 Candle Boxxx & Serene Isley - Office Thief, Bound, Spanked, and Groped


Candle is sneaking into an office looking through a desk she's not supposed to be looking through when all the sudden David walks in and inquires about what she's doing in there.  She can't answer his question and finds herself suddenly grabbed by the man who pushes her over a desk and then proceeds to spread her high heeled feet out and frisk her.  He takes the opportunity to grope her a bit and then locates the key that is to a very important to the office that she's stolen and tells her that she can explain it to the authorities.  He calls Serene and tells her what has happened and then proceeds to try to capture Candle as she tries to slink out of the room.  He grabs her and pulls her to the floor XXXX her hands behind her back but finding Candle as a very active struggle reflex rolling around making things difficult for him as he tries to get her arms bound.  They roll around a bit before he finally gets her on her stomach delivering some spanks to her ass to punish her which she takes exception to.  Finally after a bit more struggle Candle starts to get tired and David finally gets some rope on her wrists.  Candle however isn't done yet. Serene finally arrives and tells David to go get some more rope out of her car.  Unbeknownst to Serene Candle has started to slip her wrist binds and turns the tables on Serene XXXX her over onto her stomach.  She starts putting rope on Serene but David gets back and XXXX Candle back off Serene and onto her stomach.  Both her and David start binding Candle which is much easier now that it's two on one.  Quickly her arms are bound followed by her ankles and knees.  Eventually she gets a huge ballgag and then is left to deal with Serene on her own.  Serene takes advantage spanking her and stripping her in between gropes while David goes to get the authorities.  

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