835 AJ Marion - Not Going Down Without a Struggle

17 photos; 16:10 video


AJ is busy arranging her throw pillows after a long day at work when suddenly shes blindsided by a man with rope in his hands.  She puts up a terrific fight but he tosses her over his lap like she was a rag doll.  Shes feisty though and manages to get up and somewhat over him before having her legs spread out and her being reeled back in.   Suddenly shes on the floor and her arms are pinned behind her and pulled up sharply controlling her arms. She manages to connect with a foot to his head but sadly its not enough to keep him from getting rope wound around her wrists and tied off.   Next with the same hold her elbows are roughly bound together held straight up in the air against her shoulders cruelly.  She kicks at his back to try to dislodge him from binding her elbows.  Finally her arms are defeated and he moves onto her legs. AJ does a decent job of keeping her ankles apart before the man finally gets her rolled over and her legs are held levered against his head.  She manages to roll semi free before getting caught and her ankles finally bound.  AJ is brought back to the couch and her mouth stuffed with white cloth before silver tape is used to seal it in wrapped tightly around her head.  Finally completely bound and gagged the man starts to taunt her and talk to her about what hes going to take from her place.  AJ starts to crawl off before shes grabbed and tightly tied into a balltie.  Her feet are attached off to her ankles and shes pushed onto her side to struggle and moan awaiting someone to come home and free her from her bound and gagged torment.  The man comes in one more time to torment her before leaving her to wonder how long shell have to be tightly bound and gagged on her floor. 

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