836 Carissa Montgomery & Serene Isley - Tied on the Cold Tile Floor

24 photos; 19:56 video


The man shoves me to the back room where no one will hear me scream. He shoves me roughly against the wall and immediately ties my elbows behind my back followed by my wrists. He shoves a huge pair of panties in my mouth and uses silver tape to seal them inside turning my pleas into nothing more than muffled noise. To make matters worse, he unbuttons my blouse pulls out my breasts from my bra. He XXXX me to lay on the nasty floor, my naked breasts pushed against the cold dirty tile. He cinches my bound ankles to my legs and then leaves me to go find his next prize.I manage to sit up and lean against the wall right about the time the man and a blond busty woman come through the door. He shoves her in the small area with me and pushes her against the wall. She screams, trying to get away, her fear spiking when she sees me tied and gagged on the floor. The man ties her wrists and elbows behind her back while she continues to plead and ask questions. Her gag is next, panties stuffed in her mouth and silver tape wrapped around her head very tightly. He pulls out her breasts exposing her as well. He ties her ankles then lowers her to the floor beside me. He bends her legs and ties a rope around her torso to make sure she cant straighten them.A final rope gets added, securing my leg to Carissas making it even harder for us to escape. He reaches out taking our breasts in his hand proclaiming, this is what makes it all worth it. He takes his bag and leaves us alone on the cold floor. 

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