838 Constance & Tara Tied - Dual Captives Tightly Bound and Gagged

26 photos; 14:03 video


David roughly Tara into the room and after grabbing some rope from his pocket begins binding her wrists. Serene enters and gropes and taunts poor Tara while David continues by binding Taras elbows. With her arms bound they move on and Serene gags Tara with mouth packing and silver tape. Taras ankles are bound and shes left with Serene to taunt and play with while David goes and collects the next girl. David soon Constance into the room and shes summarily bound and gagged by Serene and David while Tara watches I XXXX. After both ladies are bound and gagged similarly they are left to struggle while David and Serene go to make more plans. Serene comes back though in time to catch them trying to escape. Serene first guides Tara off leaving Constance to frantically struggle trying to free herself. David returns and grabs Constance up off the couch and her to hop out of the room under his control

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