847 Michelle Petite - Ambushed After a Long Work Day

14 photos; 14:02 video


Michelle Gets home from a long day at work and slowly starts to strip out of her work blouse and skirt to get a bit more comfortable. Suddenly a man bursts into her home and bedroom and tackles her roughly to her bed. She pouts and asks him what he wants. He tells her that he first wants to get her all tightly trussed up. Starting with a piece of rope Michelle's elbows are first tightly welded together. Then with her arms under good control another piece is added to her wrists making sure her arms are good and secured together behind her back. The man asks her what she's got of value and she tries to tell him nothing but the man isn't to be diverted from his goal and before she knows it Michelle's still high heeled ankles are tied together. Finally Michelle is totally bound and the man sits her up to stuff a white cloth into her mouth, then secures it into her mouth with a tight wrap of microfoam around her head. Now that she's totally bound and gagged the man takes some time to take poor Michelle's breasts out and plays with them a bit before flipping her onto her stomach and hogtying her tightly on her own bed. With her hogtie finished the man gropes her ass and slaps it a bit causing poor Michelle's moaning to heighten a bit. Finally he leaves and Michelle gets to work trying to wiggle her way out of the tight ropes. When he returns the man takes Michelle out of the hogtie but any hopes of further release are dashed when he takes another long piece of rope and starts cinching her arms off to her body. Another Rope adds a nice frame to her exposed breasts and further tightly pins her arms to her body. Finally after all that extra rope the man takes the original hogtie piece back out and tightly cinches her feet back to her ass holding her again in the tight hogtie. Michelle struggles as the man leaves for what he says is the last time. She hopes desperately that it is and he's telling the truth.

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