850 Jenna Holloway - Bound Cheerleader Cheering For Bondage

15 photos; 16:01 video


Jenna is in her purple cheer leading costume going through her cheers when she starts talking about how she loves getting dressed up in her purple cheerleading outfit she talks about how she loves it even more when she's tied up. Showing off her white socks and panties under the skirt she talks about how inescapable the bondage is and wiggles around showing off her bound ankles and wrists. Right after she mentions how the whole team could come in and take advantage of her the camera shifts and she's now on her stomach hogtied and gagged with a cleave gag. She struggles around on the ground rolling and really reveling in her bondage. Eventually someone comes in and adds an elbow rope finishing off her hogtie and making her truly helpless. Jenna continues her struggling and moaning for a bit showing off the front of her cheerleading outfit and occasionally flipping over to show that her arms are still tightly bound. Jenna reveals her crotch rope over and over again by showing her pantied crotch to the camera while hogtied. Jenna remains bound as the camera fades out. Hopefully someone found her and took advantage of how much she likes being in that position.


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