851 Claire D'Lune - Kept Until He's Finished With Her

14 photos; 15:09 video


David brings home his lovely date and invited her in. He gives her the tour of the house but stops in the bedroom to take a seat. As soon as Lola sits down, his hands go immediately to her breasts, groping her. She is horrified that he thinks she is that easy. She pulls away from him but he manages to pull her arms behind her back. He grabs some rope he kept stored under the pillow and coils it around her wrists and elbows cinching them tightly together.


Lola calls David a pig and can't think of how things could have gone any worse. When he tries to shove something in her mouth, she drops the attitude, falling to pieces and begs him not to stuff anything inside. He shoves the big shiny panties in her mouth and winds clear packing tape around her head, allowing him to see the purple panties in her mouth. She whimpers as the tape tightens down.


David repositions Lola on the bed and lashes her ankles together. He seems to be enjoying this more and more by the minute. He toys with her acting like he's going to shove her off the bed just to hear her scream with fear into the gag. He picks up another rope and ties her into a hogtie securing the rope to her elbows and pulling her ankles up before knotting the rope off. She squirms beneath him but knows she has little hope of escaping.


With Lola secure, he takes a few moments to run his hand up her pantyhose clad thigh and give her ass a few smacks for fun. He continues moving upwards and unbuttons her blouse taking her bare breast into his hand and giving it a nice hard squeeze. He rolls her back to her stomach and adds one more rope from the elbow rope around her shoulders arching her back even more and ensuring the elbow rope doesn't slide down giving her any freedom.


When David finally leaves Lola alone for a few moments, she tries to test out the ropes hoping desperately to find a weakness. She rolls around and arches but all it does is increase her discomfort. Finally, she calls out to him begging him to come back and let her out. She pleas come out muffled. He returns and ties a rope around her neck and her eyes grow wide hoping he won't hurt her anymore. She tells him that she won't tell anyone about him, swearing on her life that no one will ever know. He takes the other end of the rope and ties it to the leg of the bed to keep her still while he spanks her and gropes her a bit longer.


David decides that Lola just needs a playmate to be happy and leaves her alone once again to grab another girl. She tries even harder to escape but there's nothing she can do. The man who did this to her is her only means of getting free, and he doesn't seem to be in any mood to help her, not until he's done with her anyway.

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