852 JJ & Serene - Discrepancies in the Books

11 photos; 15:49 video


Mr. Andrews brought Ms. Plush downstairs to the storage area to inquire about a few discrepancies he found in the books. She stands with her arms crossed annoyed that has to even be involved in this nonsense. David grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back and starts binding them in place at the wrists and elbows. JJ tries to blame Elane or Serene or pretty much anyone other than herself at this point.


JJ isn't willing to give Mr. Andrews any information about the books and actually accuses him of being a pervert that just wants to tie up girls. He pulls out a bandana and stuffs the huge square of cloth in her mouth. Next, he winds clear tape around her head to keep the gag in place. If she isn't going to say anything helpful, she doesn't need to speak at all right? He makes the gag so tight that it causes her cheeks to puff out over the tape.


JJ tries to run away but Mr. Andrews grabs her and pulls her back her to have a seat on the ottoman. He ties legs, crossed at the ankles to make sure that doesn't happen again, he even ties her high heels on to make any escape a little more difficult. David decides to go grab me since I've been accused of stealing the money. He leaves JJ downstairs to struggle in the ropes. She slides off the ottoman and wiggles around on the floor pulling against the ropes.


I'm pulled into the storage area and am pretty terrified after seeing my coworker bound and gagged on the floor. Mr. Andrews tells me that after he gets me secure like her we can figure out what happened to his money. I try to tell him that it was all JJ, that I even saw her doing it. He pulls my wrists and elbows behind me and ties them in place.


Mr. Andrews eventually stuffs a big bandana in my mouth as well to gag me. He pushes me down on the ottoman and ties my ankles tightly together. Then, just to make sure neither of us crawls away, he ties JJ's bound ankles to mine, cinching them tightly between us. This makes it impossible for either one of us to do anything. David goes up to see if the evidence is on the flash drive in her office like I said leaving us to struggle in the storage room.

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