857 Nyxon & Serene Isley - That Bitch Was Trying To Move in on My Man

18 photos; 11:57 video


Nyxon has interfered with my love life for the last time.  I am so sick of her flirting with my boyfriend with promises of being able to do whatever they want with her, not like me, the girl thats too busy to care.  It was time to teach that bitch a lesson. I show up to her house and her door is open, I cant say that Im shocked.  Instead of knocking, I barge in asking where the fuck she is.  I charge into her bedroom, no doubt where she tried to seduce my lover and I pounce on her.  Its on.  She tries to shove me off, calling me names as we wrestle on the bed.  I try pulling her arms behind her back but shes stronger than she looks and I have a hard time getting her under control.  I end up on top of her, straddling her, both of our skirts up around our waist.  Finally, after a lot of kicking, screaming, and fighting, I get the rope around her elbows.  She continues to fight, even trying to punch me in the cunt while I bind her arms.  She launches herself mostly off the bed so her head is on the floor while her legs are still on the bed.  I take this opportunity to really cinch her elbows together.  I move Nyxon to the floor and then help her stand up and shove her back on the bed.  She definitely needs some more rope.  I bind her wrists together and then sit on her reverse cowgirl to tie her ankles together.  When she tries to punch me, I mock her, saying oh yeah, harder baby harder.  She tries to tickle me next so I remove one of her shoes and tickle her foot, but not for long as I want to get her tied up in a nice little package.  <br><br>Its gag time and it couldnt have come at a better time.  I shove a pair of my panties in her mouththe ones that I masturbated in thinking about doing this to her last night.  Once they are all tucked into her mouth, I wrap microfoam tape around her head, giving her a kiss on her tape covered cheek before I decide to check out the package.  I unbutton her blouse and pull her bra down and tease and squeeze her nipples between my fingertips enjoying the sounds of her screams at my fingertips.  I move her around so I can get her hogtied while I go make a phone call to my new acquaintance to come pick up his new bondage slut.  She doesnt seem to like this plan, its a good thing Im not giving her a choice.  As soon as Im gone, she struggles hard jerking against the ropes and kicking her feet as much as she can.  She squeals and moans into the gag desperate to get out of this horrible nightmare.

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