868 Candle Boxxx - Roughly Handled Cheerleader

43 photos; 19:28 video



David tosses Candle roughly onto a mattress before following her down and grabbing her and starting the very energetic struggle to get her bound. David's had his eye on the blond cheerleader for a while and she's not going to go down without a fight. She elects to fight him hockey style and pulls his shirt over his head in an attempt to cover his eyes. David grabs her arm and gets her in a chicken wing style hold rolling her over where Candle takes the opportunity to put him in a tight head scissors. David isn't going to let this stop him however and he flips her over and rolls her onto her back where he wraps her up and her down onto her stomach where he finally gets some rope uncoiled and begins wrapping it around her wrists. She manages a barrel roll and unfortunately for her it only serves to disorient her escape attempt and she ends up rolled over with her wrists tightly bound. Rolling over David then moves onto Candle's ankles managing finally to pick her up and get her legs bound at the ankles by starting at her thighs and moving down wrapping the rope tightly and cinching it even tighter as her struggles allow for not much else. Finally with her all bound up wrists and ankles David puts Candle onto her stomach and crawls up her body lifting her arms painfully up in the air and binding her elbows tightly together while she continues to talk to him even after she's lost the battle to retain her freedom. With that being done he decides to quell the talking and stuffs a large white cloth into her mouth taking a roll of microfoam and wrapping it tightly around her head silencing her mouth while she groans and continues to protest even through her tight gag. With her largely gagged and tightly tied David takes the opportunity to pull her panties down around her knees and expose her pantyhosed crotch. She's rolled over onto her stomach and a tight rope is added hogtying a defeated Candle. He pulls her shirt up and starts fondling her breasts before he tries to headbutt him and as a response he grabs her by the throat and talks her a little bit. With her completely bound and gagged David announces to her that he's going to leave her for a bit and rest and clean up before he comes back and has some fun with her and her wonderful tits. Candle tries desperately to find some slack in the ropes that hold her in her predicament but can't make any headway before exhaustedly resigning herself to her fate.

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