872 Julie Smith - District Attorney Taken Down A Peg

9 photos; 12:52 video


Julie was relaxing on her couch thinking about the big case she was about to slam dunk when suddenly a man broke into her home and grabbed her. He got to work quickly trying to bind her wrists behind her back, but Julie wasn't going down without a fight so with a couple of strong “fuck yous” she fought him as best she could. Their struggle moved down to the floor where the man roughly twisted her arms behind her pinning them where he then wrapped them with rope. Julie ever the vigilant professional questions the man about who hired him to do this to her but it barely delays him as he finishes up her wrist ropes moving down to her high heeled feet. Poor Julie wiggles hard while her ankles are lashed together but it only succeeds in causing her skirt to hike up. Just before the man can get her ankles tied finally though Julie tosses one last really strong effort and they end up rolling around on the floor a bit losing a high heeled pump in the process. Finally with her wrists and ankles secured her elbows are the next to fall. Sitting up and trying to scoot around the man taunts her by leaning out and daring her to kick him which when she does he swiftly removes her other high heel and rotates her around to her belly to secure her into nice tight hogtie. Realizing that she's still able to curse at him though he quickly brings her up to a seated position where he's got a large white cloth waiting on her mouth. With her mouth packed Julie fights hard to try to keep the gag off her but the man holds the cloth tight and stretches a nice microfoam gag around it sealing her gag in and muffling her cries. Finally after she's tightly bound and gagged the man secures her into the tight hogtie he put off to gag her. Julie rolls over on her back and the man takes the opportunity to take her large lovely breasts out of her top and give them a few playful squeezes before leaving her to struggle in her humiliating position. Brought down from District Attorney to tightly bound with her skirt riding up and her breasts pulled out she rolls over on her stomach and her eyes plead for release in the hopes someone will arrive to help her soon.


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