873 - Crystal Frost - Grabbed in Her Summer Dress

16 photos; 15:07 video


Crystal is roughly led into a room by a man holding a long piece of rope. He gathers her arms behind her back while she kicks her legs up in the air trying to break free.  Unfortunately for her his grasp is too strong and her elbows are drawn together behind her back and lashed tightly there.   Crystal tries to scream but the man covers her mouth and levels a rather ominous statement at her. The man decides not to take any chances though and stuffs a pair of blue panties in her mouth sealing them in with multiple wraps of microfoam tape.  Her cries stifled to muffled moans Crystal tries to tell the man to let her go but instead he wraps more rope around her wrists binding them tightly behind her.  Crystal is then XXXX up against a wall here her high heeled feet are crossed and bound looping her heels in so she can’t get them side by side.   Crystal quickly realizes that this will XXXX her to either stand or fall but she’ll be unable to gain any relief from the tall heels on her feet.  The man grabs her and whirls her around raising up her skirt and spanking her ass and showing off her white lacy underwear to the camera.  Finally he pulls her top down exposing her breasts and she moans in protest but sadly there’s not much she can do about it.  Crystal tries to get herself away from the man but can only rotate herself and wiggle.  Her captor returns and gives her some breast fondling and ass fondling before picking her up and putting her down on the ground.  Crystal kicks her feet and tries to right herself but can’t manage before the man is on her tying her thighs tightly together despite her muffled protests.  Crystal is then rolled over onto her stomach and a rope is tied off to her ankles to her throat with the ominous warning that too much struggle might cause her some problems in the breathing department.  Crystal groans as she’s pulled up tightly into this hogtie realizing that she’s in deep trouble and trying to beg him to not leave her like this.  He doesn’t listen and walks out of the room and leaves Crystal to wiggle around in her predicament.   Finally her captor returns and changes her hogtie off from her neck to her elbows as he’s not quite done with her yet.  Crystal wiggles and tries desperately to find some slack in her knots but can only achieve more rolling, wiggling and moaning.  She starts to realize that she’s in for a very long visit with a very disturbed individual and she gets a second wind in her struggle.  Unfortunately for her this doesn’t result in anything more than extra frustrated struggling.  

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