890 Dakkota : Date Night Rope Bondage

44 photos; 15:05 video


Dakkota and David had gotten back from a lovely dinner date and were relaxing on her couch afterwards. She suddenly has a very strange request for David and asks him if he'd be ok tying her up. He decides that its not the weirdest thing he's ever done and that he's game to give it a try. She grabs a bag of rope she has stashed on a bookcase and brings it to him. David grabs some rope and starts giving it his best shot. A wrist cinch followed by an elbow cinch and Dakkota finds herself considerably more immobilized than she expected. She points out a white cloth that she wants him to stuff into her mouth and some white tape to wrap around her head to seal it in. David complies and soon Dakkota finds herself bound and gagged at the same time. Not enough rope though for Dakkota and David sits her down on the sofa and starts binding her ankles together. Dakkota is really enjoying that she found someone who's good with ropes and moans her approval. With the ropes done on the arms, ankles and her gag secure David binds another rope around her arms binding them off to her body. With that rope in place he takes his spoils of victory and starts fondling her. Eventually he goes off to grab a bottle of water and leave her on the couch and Dakkota starts exploring the bondage that he's left her in. Dakkota does a nice job of struggling around showing off her ass and eventually working her way to the floor. David returns and grabs another rope hogtying her in the position she's manage to crawl her way to. Hogtied David spins her around on the wood floor and fondles her a bit before deciding he is definitely glad he went out on that date tonight rather than staying in.

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