891 Leanna Belle : I Can Escape From That!

41 photos; 13:37 video


Leanna and David are watching tv and she isn't impressed with the level of bondage she's witnessing. David takes advantage of this and grabs some rope to test Leanna's abilities to get free from the bondage. He starts by tying her ankles together and he's lucked out in that she's wearing some really nice high heels, disco jeans and a purple blouse. Leanna seems pretty cocky about being able to free herself but only time will tell after she's tied up. With her ankles bound she starts realizing that maybe David has a bit more experience in this than she might have realized. He turns her around and binds her wrists next making her a lot more helpless in the process. After this Leanna is shocked to realize that he's not done binding yet and grabs another rope to bind her elbows tightly together. With that finished he produces a white cloth which he uses to stuff her mouth telling her “well I can't have you chewing through the ropes.” After stuffing her mouth he takes some microfoam tape and wraps it around her head sealing the packing in tightly. Her eyes show off that she's still feeling this game is pretty fun even if she can't manage to move or budge any knots. Eventually she realizes that she's not getting free and starts getting a bit nervous. David brings another rope into the mix and teases her about how she's obviously going to lose. He takes the extra rope and binds her legs above the knees, another rope is brought out and he takes it binding her arms to her body and making them useless for escape. He finally tells her that he's going to celebrate winning his bet by leaving her bound and gagged on the couch while he heads out for some quality time with the boys. Leanna is definitely not happy about this and struggles madly moving around to the floor and wiggling her ass trying to find any slack in the ropes she can exploit. Eventually she makes it to the ground where she does some more really nice wiggling but she can't move any of the knots. She resigns herself to being bound and gagged just as tightly when David gets home as when he left.

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