892 Madison Price : TV Trickery Hogtie

25 photos; 15:13 video


Madison and David are sitting on the couch watching television when a damsel in scene comes on the show they are watching. She makes a remark about how easily she could get out of that sort of rope bondage and little does she know that David has planted the movie hoping she'd take the bait and he could get in a little dare. He starts by binding her ankles first wrapping the rope around her silver tight leggings. Moving up he binds her wrists next and her confidence starts to fade a bit as the cinches grow tighter. Going to the garage again he returns with a blue cloth and some tape, shoving the cloth into her mouth he winds the silver tape tightly around her head sealing her gag in as she really starts rethinking this dare. Moving her to her knees on the floor he binds her elbows tightly behind her back. One more rope is added to cinch her arms to her body tightly and Madison realizes at this point she has no hope of getting out of this bondage and she's totally at David's mercy. Laying her down on her stomach David takes a final rope and hogties Madison on the carpet. He asks her one more time if she thinks she'll be able to get out and she actually replies with a slightly optomistic maybe. With the final rope in place David steps back and lets Madison start trying to get out of the ropes. David heads off to get a drink leaving her tightly bound and gagged on the floor. Madison starts wiggling and rolling around on the carpet trying to pick at the knots with every decreasingly nimble fingers as she realizes her complete helplessness. David finally comes back and takes advantage of Madison's helpless state and takes her breasts out of her bra. She struggles and rolls back and forth a bit more before David finally tells her that since he's won the bet he's gonna go get a drink with some buddies and leave her bound and gagged on the floor like that. Madison moans after him to try to get him to stop but realizes that it's in vain and starts struggling harder than she has before at the prospect of being bound and gagged like that for several hours.

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