895 Anya Alexander : New Secretary Broke In By The Boss

27 photos; 13:42 video

August 1, 2021

Mr Big Boss is at his desk in his office when Elizabeth shows up with a bit of a present for him. Anya is dressed in a black latex dress, pantyhose, and black high heels. She's blindfolded and Elizabeth passes off possession of Anya to Mr Big Boss who wastes no time in grabbing some rope and welding her elbows tightly together. Taking a bit of a departure from the normal order he takes two cloths and stuffs her mouth with them sealing the packing in with multiple tight wraps of microfoam tape. After the gag is done he takes another rope and binds her wrists together completing her arm bondage. With her arms bound he decides to see just how good she is in her heels and leashes her off leading her around the office and enjoying her blind and tottering steps on such high heeled pumps. After a few passes he binds her ankles tightly together and then moves on to bind her arches on her high heeled feet as well. After a bit of fondling and removing her leash Mr Big Boss then grabs more rope and laying Anya down on the desk places her into a hogtie balancing her precariously on the desktop. Her hogtie is then drawn up by attaching her arches to her elbows and wrists keeping her hogtied on the desk in front of Mr Big Boss and accentuating his ability to give her some gropes and fondles. Eventually Mr Big Boss is called away on business and Anya is left to struggle on the desk. (Riggers note : If you see hands flying in the shot at the end it's because Anya was getting dangerously close to the edge of the desk and i'm all about simulated peril and not the real stuff. So those hands were us trying to make sure she didn't fall off lol)

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