896 Ariel Marie : Tape Bound In The Warehouse

25 photos; 19:54 video

August 4, 2021

Ariel Marie hasn't ever been pantyhose encased before so Mr Big Boss sets out to change that. Starting with her in a pantyhose suit he gags her with pantyhose before taping the gag into her mouth. After she's securely gagged Mr Big Boss takes a pantyhose and creates a hood with it by stretching it over her head and then moves on beginning to bind her arms and then wrap them to her body. After a while she's tied off to the ring above her head and Mr Big Boss starts binding her high heeled feet together. She squeals due to a bit of fear of stability but she's find and Mr Big Boss soon moves on taping off her thighs and attaching it up to her body bindings. Eventually she's moved to the ground and her ankle bindings are tightened. A final few turns of rope around her head seals her gag in even more and blindfolds her. Mr Big Boss toys with her a bit before leaving her in the warehouse to struggle and try to get free. Ariel Marie is ordered to get free and she actually does a decent job though not quite all the way. Mr Big Boss rewards her by cutting her free from her tape cocoon.

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