898 Serene Isley and Elizabeth Andrews : Contest Double Cross

43 photos; 13:31 video


Lizz and Serene are both vying for the same title, Lizz being Ms Bondage North Carolina, and Serene as Ms Bondage World. Lizz has some blackmail for Serene and shows her some incriminating photos on her phone. Serene tries to deny that she's the girl in the photos but Lizz isn't buying it. Serene asks her what she wants and Lizz tells her that she's to drop out of the competition and to let her tie her up. Serene has to agree and lizz starts binding her. Serene's wrists are tied first then her elbows join them in tight bondage. Lizz shoves a green cloth into Serene's mouth next and wraps microfoam tape around her head sealing the gag tightly in. After her ankles are bound Lizz grabs another rope and adds a body cinch. Lizz taunts a bound and helpless Serene for a bit before ordering her to get down on the ground. Moving her to her stomach Lizz takes a final rope and tightly hogties Serene. After a few pictures to which Serene takes massive offense Lizz leaves a poor duped Serene to struggle on the floor.

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