001 - Ashlee Graham & Serene Isley - Two Tightly Tied

32:47 video

Serene and Ashley are tightly bound and gagged sitting on chairs in their living room, Serene gagged with a leather cover gag and mouth packing and Ashley gagged with mouth packing and microfoam wrapped around her head.  They wiggle and try to get at each other's knots all the while discussing their situation and commiserating with each other over their gags.  Eventually they stand up and hop over to the couch hoping to be able to get a better angle at each other's ropes while yelling at the captor over the gags while their skirts ride up.  <br><br>Fading back in both women are still bound and gagged on the couch with their breasts pulled out of their tops.  Ashley is now clear tape gagged and mouth packed and Serene has had her gag replaced with mouth packing and microfoam.  They wiggle around which causes some nice residual boob jiggling and curse more at the captor through the gags.  <br><br>The captor unties them so they can disrobe for him.  They are pretty against the concept of doing this naturally and he has some strong words for them making them take their bras, skirts, and shirts off before retying their arms and having them struggle for him almost completely disrobed.  They try to get themselves free over and over again while rolling around first on the couch and then the floor but their fingers are no help to them in untying the knots.   <br><br>Ashley and Serene have been moved into another room and are tied topless and in pantyhose and panties on chairs again.  Their captor comes in and first gags Ashley with a leather stuffing gag.  Serene comes next with mouth packing and silver tape gagging her tightly.  Eventually they get themselves up and hop stocking footed over to a bed trying to get their hands on a phone they've found.  Unfortunately for them even after the phone rings they can't answer it in time to save themselves.  Before they manage to actually make a redial though the man comes in and takes the phone away from them. Finally their captor hogties them tightly on the floor to keep the two ladies from being any more problem while he ransacks their home.  

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