002 - Angelica Lenn - Chairtied to Balltie

11:32 video

Angelica is led into a room by a large man already bound at the wrists and gagged with a black ballgag.  She shifts trying to gain some ground and then resigned herself to the situation letting her elbows fall to the tight pressing rope.  Shes XXXX into a chair while the man talks to her a bit before binding her ankles and then taking the ballgag out of her mouth.  Its a short reprieve for her mouth though as he then stuffs a white cloth into her mouth covering it up with multiple wraps of silver tape.  She moans a bit while the man grabs her boobs and plays with her legs a bit before getting to work securing her to the chair hes seated her in.  She moans and squirms a bit trying to gain some ground before realizing shes screwed and just resigning herself to her fate.  Left alone to her struggles Angelica finally gets some fight in her and starts trying to free herself from her bonds.  Sadly for her she let him tie her too tightly while she was trying to see about gaining some ground and she cant find any slack in her tight bondage or gag.  As she wiggles around on the chair her skirt start to hike up nicely before her captor returns asking her if she wants free.  Naturally she tells the man that she does and he starts untying her from the chair.  Angelica starts to get excited about potentially being let go when shes stood up and the man moves the chair.  Instead of letting her go however he picks her up and lowers her to the floor and going to a large pile of rope where he proceeds to start binding her knees tightly together.  She pleads with him to let her go but he just keeps winding the tight rope around her upper legs.  With her upper legs secure the man attaches her knee ropes off to a neck rope and then ties her feet to her wrists holding her in a tight balltie.  With her finally secured in the balltie the man leaves again leaving poor Angelica to her struggles.  In the process she manages to lose a shoe but she cant shake any of the tight cords that are as time goes on growing more and more uncomfortable.  She can only struggle and moan as she prays that release will come sooner than later.

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