003 - AJ Marion - I Ran Out of Gas and He Said He Would Help

8:55 video

AJ was not having a good night.  She was in the middle of nowhere, it was super dark outside, and her car ran out of gas.  She didnt even get a phone signal here.  She hadnt seen a car on this road in a very long time.  She wasnt even sure which direction to start walking but she couldnt just stay here.  She gathered a few things and started walking.  <br><br>When AJ saw headlights coming towards her she was almost elated.  Luckily, the guy saw her and slowed down.  She ran over to his window and explained her desperate situation and asked if he could help her out.  He said that he actually had a gas can in the back of the truck and said hed pull over and see if what he could do.  Sighing with relief, she followed him as he parked, waiting by the back of his truck.  He opens it up and asks her to climb in the truck to get it because its all the way in the back.  She climbs up with a little help from him, but doesnt see it.  Just then, he wraps his arms around her. <br><br>Before AJ knows what happened, shes tightly bound in the back of her rescuers truck.  The ropes dig into her skin at the wrists, elbows, and ankles.  She yells at the man to let her go but he responds by stuffing a pair of satin panties in her mouth.  He uses silver tape wrapped around her head to lock it in place.   He adds a hogtie rope and shuts the tailgate leaving her alone.  <br><br>AJ tumbles and rolls in the bed of the loud truck trying to get out.  She bends and arches, her jeans hugging her sexy ass.  She flexes her legs out trying to see if the ropes will slide on her knee high boots but she gets nothing.  After what feels like forever, she feels the truck come to a stop and shut off.  She prepares herself to kick at the man when he opens the lid of the camper top.  But with the hogtie rope, she cant kick hard and he gets his hands on her once again.

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