004 - Anna Lee - Bitch Boss Gets What She Deserves

14:15 video

Anna is seated at her desk doing some work when David arrives to talk to her.  Anna starts dressing him down about very inappropriate behavior when finally after he frustrates her to the point of no return she fires him.  David suddenly grabs Anna and lifts her up into the air XXXX her around and locking his legs around her so she cant stomp his feet. She flails about a bit before David gets a good handle on her and starts binding her wrists behind her.  Finally after Anna tires a bit her wrists get wrapped by the tight ropes over and over again till her arms are secured behind her.  She tries desperately to gain traction and separate herself from David but hes too strong for her and continually reels her back in.  Finally with her wrists secured David holds her face down onto her desk by the back of her neck.  Sliding some rope up her arms Anna protests loudly as her elbows are drawn close by the rope and secured off painfully behind her back.  One thing Anna has proven herself good at in the struggle is shit talking David and hes had enough of it and pulls a scarf out of his front pocket and stuffs it into her mouth.  She moves and tries to ge the scarf out of her mouth but David takes his thumb and pushes the wad back into her mouth hard as she struggles to deal with the intrusion into her mouth and then the tight tape wrapped around her head sealing her curses and protests in with the packing.  Anna is then roughly seated in her own chair and David starts roping her wrists off to the lower chair back making sure shes stuck in her office to her chair.  Then he moves around to the front and grabs her ankles and locks them down while he binds them tightly together as her stocking feet flail around before he finally secures them.  Noticing that her gag has a bit of a gap in it that she might be able to get the packing out through David takes the opportunity to readjust the gag a bit and pull it tighter.  He moves in and unbuttons her shirt exposing her pink bra before taunting her a bit about how embarrassing its going to be for her to be found like this before taking his leave of her.  Poor Anna is left to struggle and moan loudly which she does a lot of before finally realizing that shes going to be like this when her coworkers return from lunch.  

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