005 - Belle Davis - Home Invasion XXXX

12:27 video

Belle was relaxing on the couch looking over her nylon and high heel sandaled foot when suddenly she’s rushed from behind grabbed roughly bent over on the couch and her elbows roughly tied together. Belle protests the rough treatment and fights hard before succumbing to the tight elbow rope. Belle is then roughly thrown over on her side and her wrists are summarily tied together effectively ending her battle to remain untied. A red ballgag is pressed into her mouth effectively cutting off her protests then tightly strapped behind her head and around and behind her throat. Belle’s ankles are next to fall to the rope her six inch sandals held tightly side by side. Belle is left for a bit to test her bondage out and she squirms and struggles trying to find a weakness in the tight rope before the man who’s promised to come back returns. To her XXXX he comes back with a ton of rope. A bit later we come back and belle has two tight frotie ropes holding her high heeled ankles against her tightly skirted ass. Two more body cinch ropes complete her bondage as the man leaves her alone to struggle till someone finds her. Belle does her best to wiggle free but sadly she can’t make any headway. To her dismay the man returns to add a rope hogtying her high heeled feet off to her upper arm rope and harness pulling her just a little bit more tightly bowed. As the man makes his final exit Belle begins to scream behind her ballgag for help hoping that she won’t have to spend the hours tightly bound and gagged that the man promised her. Belle’s tight ropes start to feel like hot cords pressing into her arms as all she can do is roll from side to side and moan at her growing discomfort. As she tries to get her ropes free she can start to feel her fingers become less dexterous. She realizes that if she can’t make any headway she’s in for a long tightly bound and gagged night.

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