007 - Candle Boxxx & Serene Isley - Corporate Bonding

22 photos; 18:18 video

Candle and Serene are gossiping at work one day when Candle excuses herself for a second.  Suddenly Serene is confronted with  a man with a bag full of rope. Hes on her before she knows what happened and is unfurling rope to bind her with quickly.  Before Serene can get too  much fight hes got her arms pinned behind her back and is quickly wrapping rope around her upper arms binding them tightly together.  Next Serenes wrists fall prey to the mans rope and he pulls an odd looking contraption with two balls on straps out of his bag.  XXXX one of the balls into her mouth he tightly straps it around her head before unbuttoning her blouse.  XXXX her to sit down in her chair the man grabs more rope and sits on the chair counter her and gets to work hiking up Serenes skirt and binding her legs spread to the legs of the chair.  The man finishes up his rope work and leaves which leaves poor Serene to be found by a returning Candle.  Unfortunately for her the man has a trap waiting on her and before she knows what is going on Candle falls prey to the man and his ropes as well.  Quickly Candles elbows and wrists are bound behind her back and she struggles to free herself from the mans grasp.  After her arms are bound Candle is XXXX to her knees in between Serenes legs and the other large rubber ball is buckled into her mouth.  Candle complains as her bare breasts jiggle about how the ballgag is too large for her but her captor has no sympathy and moves on to bind her ankles together and back up to her wrists keeping her held in a kneeling hogtie.  Finally the two ladies are bound and gagged held together by the diabolical double ballgag and the man leaves them to their predicament.  Candle gets to work on Serens leg rope as they try to get themselves free before the man comes back into the room.  Unfortunately for the two ladies the ropes they can reach to untie arent going to help them get out of their scenario so they are XXXX to await someone to return find them in their situation and release them.  

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