009 - Dixie Comet & Serene Isley - Involuntary Bondage Coffee Break

19:10 video

Dixie and Serene are bored at work and just sitting around discussing general things when Serene volunteers to get coffee for them both.  Just after Serene leaves the room a masked man enters and grabs Dixie roughly XXXX her wrists together and tightly binding them.  The man breaks out another rope and gets to work on Dixies elbows pulling them tightly and painfully close before roping them off cruelly.   Dixie tries to reason with the man as he takes a large wad of black cloth and stuffs it roughly in her mouth despite strong protests.   Then a layer of microfoam is added over the whole gag making sure that Dixies mouth stuffing stays where it is and does its job of keeping her silenced and helpless.  Dixie is then seated facing the back of her chair legs spread out on either side of the back.   Her captor then gets to work tying her ankles off to each back leg of the chair spreading her legs out even more in her seated predicament.  Dixie moans and tries desperately to plead with the man for something through her gag but he just keeps tying her ankles to her chair while shes left to wonder what could be in store for her later.  As the man gets her other ankle tied to her chair she tells him through her gag that hes not going to get away with this. And as a result he gets up and opens her top taunting her and telling her that hes going to use her as bait for her pretty friend.  Dixie struggles and tries to make enough noise to warn Serene or someone in the hopes shell be let go and Serene spared a similar fate.  The man wastes no time welding Serenes elbows and wrists together while roughly bending her over the desk to show off her luscious ass.  Serene has another large black cloth stuffed in her mouth and the same microfoam wrapped around her head as her eyes grow large over the concept of being bound and helpless in her very own place of work.  Finally Serene is seated in another chair behind Dixie whos suffering through being tied for quite some time at this point.  A couple of slaps to the ass later and Serene and Dixie are nicely tied bookends in their chair bondage.  Finally Dixies chair is turned around so her and Serene can share some quality conversation over their microfoam gags and tight bondage.  Waist ropes holding them forward to the chair back complete their bondage with each lovely pair of breasts being exposed as their waist rope is added.  Finally they are left to struggle as the man tells them that he has to leave them to get to the point of stealing the important secrets he came to get in the first place.  Sadly I guess Dixie and Serene chose a coffee break at the wrong time.  Slightly longer and with slightly more bondage than they originally hoped.  

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