166 - Serene - Intercepted Before the Altar

18:14 video

Serene is waiting on her bridal party to take her to the church for the wedding and they are late.  She sits herself on the desk in the church office and adjusts her stocking.  A man walks in and she assumes he's the driver that's going to take her to the front of the church.  Instead he grabs her and puts some rope roughly on her white gloved elbows.  She asks what this is all about and he tells her that she's going to be leverage in a little negotiation her future husband has with them.  He moves on and binds her wrists scaring her with the rhetoric of what might happen if he doesn't give them what they want.  Tired of having conversation with her about the situation he grabs a white cloth shoving it into her mouth before winding tight microfoam tape around her head sealing the gag tightly in her mouth.  Satisfied that she's been at least muffled the man moves onto her ankles and hikes her skirt up wrapping rope around them tightly and cinching it off leaving her helpless and seated on the desk.  He gives her a couple of gropes before going to see if the coast is clear to remove her from the premises.  She tries desperately to attract attention by screaming through the gag but she isn't close enough for anyone to hear and eventually the man returns flipping her onto her stomach and hogtying her tightly to await her removal from the building.  The man hikes her skirt up and shows off her stockings and garters a bit before heading out again to see if the coast is clear yet.  At this point poor Serene's breasts have fallen out of her wedding gown and are wiggling with her energetic struggles on the desktop.  Eventually the man returns and gives her a bit of extra groping before untying the hogtie rope.  Standing her up he unzips her dress and allows it to fall down on the floor around her ankles.  He picks it up and hangs it from the clock in the corner before coming back to Serene and giving her a bit more prodding.  He heads out to make sure one last time all is well and leaves Serene to struggle. Realizing her time is about to run out she makes one last desperate effort for freedom that falls sadly for her too short.  The man returns again lifting her over his shoulder giving her ass some smacks on the way to his van for her long ride to captivity.

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