325 Johannie - Modestly Dressed, Loudly Protests

17 photos; 12:51 video



Johannie is suddenly surprised by a man who grabs her and forces her to the ground. Pulling her arms behind her back he quickly binds them together with rope he pulls from his pocket and before she knows it he has another rope on her elbows and is tightly cinching it. She kicks at him but he just fights it off before retrieving some panties from his pocket, filling her mouth with them as he seals them in with microfoam tape he also has. The man then takes a second to feel up poor Johannies legs before pulling them out and binding them together. With her body fully bound and her mouth fully gagged the man takes a moment to ride her skirt up and run his hands all over her exposed, helpless, body. The man eventually leaves her to struggle and to case the and take her valuables, but he doesnt dally long and returns to hogtie poor Johannieseating himself on the couch after he finishes to take a bit of stock of where hes at. She moans at his teasing her about stripping her, or taking her, afraid of what might happen to her, but fortunately for her he just gives her a few choice gropes before leaving her tightly bound and gagged on her living room floor.

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