422 Elizabeth Andrews & Serene Isley - Catsuited Captured Duo

44 photos; 19:00 video



Serene and Elizabeth are packing a bag and looking to get into a potentially sexy burglary attempt as they are both decked out in black shiny catsuits and black high heels. They're discussing a heist and test their flashlights before heading out. Arriving at the location Serene goes through the desk and is trying to locate some documents to use as blackmail when the man comes in gets the drop on her and ends up tying her to a chair in her bra, panties, and pantyhose. After a bit of struggling Elizabeth comes into the room, rather than untying her she starts playing with her tits instead. After some very lengthy tit grabbing Elizabeth doesn't notice the man sneaking up on her from behind. She's soon grabbed and restrained to chair before her mouth is stuffed with a large poof ball and her head is wrapped tightly with red vetwrap. They're left tied face to face on chairs gag talking back and forth. Some pretty intense struggling with the two facing each other ensues. Mostly because their whole plan has fallen through and they aren't sure what is going to happen next. After some intense struggling in their respective chairs both women are moved to the bed and bound and gagged laying face to face. Struggling soon turns to playful giggling and fondling between each other as they roll around on the bed bound tightly together and gagged unforgivingly.

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