660 Arielle Lane - Red Hood, Hobble Dress, and Armbinder

25 photos; 12:15 video


Arielle is dressed in a red hobble dress and matching hood as David steps in to buckle a collar tightly around her neck. Her breathing is anticipatory as her balance is challenged in the six inch pumps that shes been made to wear. Her arms are slid into a leather armbinder and the body of the item is buckled around her shoulders before he laces it tightly securing her arms. David gets to work placing an elaborate head harness onto Arielle's head before inflating the rubber phallus inside larger and larger thoroughly muffling her already slight moans. Arielle manages to do a good job doing what shes told and manages to stand erect during Davids gropes and toying with her. He eventually takes mercy on her and lowers her to the ground placing a leather belt around her ankles finishing her bondage and placing his booted feet up on her hip using her as a red objectified footstool. He leaves her to her struggles and she starts wiggling with a renewed vigor at no longer being utilized. Her cries reduced to large breathing sounds by her large gag, she rolls around showing off her lovely red clad form and the black armbinder and gag holding said form tightly bound.

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