661 Nyxon & Serene - Stepsisters Fight Over the Car

27 photos; 14:02 video



Nyxon is sitting on her bed relaxing when her stepsister Serene who she shares a car with comes in asking for the keys. Nyxon however has other plans and tells her that she has plans and isn't going to let her have the car afterall. Serene points out that its her turn and Nyxon just doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Serene leaves and comes back with a bag forcing Nyxon down on her face and wrapping electrical tape around her arms. Nyxon isn't going to give up without a struggle however and manages to get herself off the bed. Serene has gotten some electrical tape on her elbows and then moves on to whats available which are Nyxon's ankles which are still up on the bed. Now that Nyxon's legs are totally secure Serene moves onto her arms and drags her back towards the bed taking a roll of thick black electrical tape and wrapping Nyxon's wrists and elbows with it securing her completely. Serene decides at this point that she's had enough of Nyxon's mouth and stuffs it only to wrap black electrical tape around her mouth sealing the gag material into a very distraught Nyxon's mouth. Serene goes a few times around Nyxon's body wrapping her arms securely to her body and leaving her to struggle. To show Nyxon that she's not all bad however Serene leaves a pair of scissors and lets Nyxon know that all she's got to do is free herself and takes the keys and heads off for her fun evening leaving Nyxon on the floor struggling with scissors she can barely use.

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