662 Candle Boxxx - Fighting to Get Free

17 photos; 19:43 video


David was planning to have a little fun with his new toy, she was so sexy and he didn't expect her to put up much of a fight, not with the way she was dressed, buy was he ever wrong. From the moment Candle is carried in, she is kicking and screaming, both feet coming off the ground in an effort to get free. She throws her head back hoping to catch the man in the face. He gets his arm around her throat hoping to control her a bit but that just seems to make her angrier. She puts both of her feet on the crossbar for the rack and pulls herself over to it before he pulls her back. 


When David sits on the counter and wraps his legs around Candle's tiny wait he thinks it will be fairly easy to tie her arms together behind her back, unfortunately she plants her feet and manages to pull him off the counter causing him to have to reset. He drops his legs from around her waist and she goes right back to kicking her legs up high, desperate to get away. She curses him, grabbing the rope and trying to throw it away from him. She drops to her knees and ends up doing a summersault, her arms never leaving David's grasp. 


The two of them go from standing again to rolling around on the floor as David tries to get his captive tied and she tries very hard to avoid that situation. Candle is panting as he pins her arm up, her face shoved into the floor. He gets her elbows tied and things become somewhat easier for him. He pulls her back to the counter with the rope, his arm around her, holding her in place. She's not quite ready to give up but with her elbows tied, it's a little easier. He pins her head under one leg while he ties her wrists together. 


Since Candle's shoes are flapping around, she asks him to take them off, showing off her pantyhose covered feet. David, not wanting to get hit in the face with a flopping shoe, obliges her, and then proceeds to tie her ankles together. He stands her up and then gets on to the gag. He forces her to open her mouth and stuffs a pair of huge dirty panties in her mouth. Her eyes go wide with fear as he pulls out 3” wide white microfoam tape and wraps it very tightly around her head. 


David ties a tight crotch rope on Candle next. He sits her on the counter to finish tying the knot and she starts throwing his rope and other things on the floor, screaming into the gag. He grabs the crotch rope and pulls her off the counter, forcing her to walk forward. He ties a rope around her neck and ties it to the wooden beam above her to keep her still for a few minutes. He ties a rope around her crotch rope and pulls it to the corner of the beam, pulling her up on her toes. He unties her neck rope and uses the rope to tie her wrists off to the cross beam behind her pulling her back and making the crotch rope even tighter. He checks to make sure everything is nice and secure before leaving her to calm down before transporting her.

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