663 Carissa - Nabbed by the Cat Burglar Again!

21 photos; 16:59 video



Carissa gets to her office and opens up her top desk drawer to find a picture of her bound and gagged by the cat burglar on their last encounter. Apparently she talked to someone and told them what happened and the Cat burglar is back to force her to recant the testimony that she gave the law. She calls and is made to tell the chief that she made the whole thing up and that she knows that he's disappointed etc but she's sorry. Carissa knows the drill and starts to disrobe as per the usual leaving her down to her pantyhose, heels and not much else. Serene doesn't waste too much time playing with her boobs before grabbing some rope and binding her wrists tightly behind her back. Next Carissa's ankles go next before a nice tight crotch rope is added before moving down her shapely legs keeping her secure where she stands. More rope adorns her thighs above her knees and below as Serene finishes off binding her legs. Next she's had enough of Carissa's mouth and stuffs it with a white cloth sealing the packing in with white microfoam wrapped tightly around poor Carissa's head. Finally Carissa's elbows fall prey to the cat burglar's punishing rope and Serene takes a bit for some victory fondling before going back and adding a rope harness to frame her large tits rather well. She stands there tightly bound and gagged for a while protesting her fate through her gag before Serene comes back with an all too familiar camera to take some pics of Carissa again for her future file. Carissa is furious at being caught like this again and stands there furiously yelling through her gag and squirming for all she's worth.

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