664 GiGi - Stepmom Snafu

15 photos; 14:14 video




David was bringing some documents to his stepmom GiGi that his ailing father left for power of attorney. Leaving her with the documents she was looking at them waiting on him to come back with a pen to sign them when he came back with rope instead. Pushing her roughly over onto the couch he grabs her arms and ropes them off behind her back cinching them tightly. Next he crawls up her bound prone form and roughly pulls her elbows together pinning them also together with rope. She continues to try to talk her way out of the situation but David won't have it and binds her high heeled pantyhosed ankles together. She pleads with him to let her go and she'll gladly share the money she's due with him. Sitting her up David is tired of listening to her and stuffs her mouth with a large white cloth before taking a roll of silver tape and wrapping her head multiple times sealing her large gag in. Pushing her over onto her side David starts taking his stepmom's breasts out of her shirt and fondling them a bit telling her that he's always had an interest in getting to know his stepmom better. David is off to do a few more things and GiGi struggles furiously moving herself down to the floor. Finally he's back with rope and starts binding her arms tightly to her body. GiGi's stocking feet flail and kick as much as they can with her tight bondage. GiGi is moved down to her stomach and hogtied very tightly. She protests loudly from behind her gag for David to come back and “untie her” but he's not listening and wanders off again. The tight gag and punishing hogtie end up being too much for poor GiGi and she fades out to an unknown fate as the clip comes to a close with GiGi still tightly bound and gagged.



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