668 Angel Lee - Visit from the Catburglar

20 photos; 14:38 video


I interrupted Angel in her office and force her to strip off her blazer, blouse, and skirt, leaving her in just her bra, pantyhose, and high heels. I tease her a bit running my hands all over her to show her just how helpless she is. She complains and demands that I not touch her, but sadly for her, I'm the one making the demands today. After I get her wrists tightly bound, I decide shes a little too uppity and perhaps a nice tight crotch rope will help to put her in her place. It doesn't take me long to get tired of her whining so I shove a big pair on panties in her mouth and wrap microfoam tape tightly around her head sealing the panties inside turning her awful complaining into moans and whimpers, music to my ears. I secure her elbows together and add some rope to her legs tying them in a bent position. I add a rope going over and under her breasts and then go off to collect my prize leaving her to struggle in my ropes. She pulls against the rope but nothing gives. Shes vulnerable and theres nothing she can do about it. I come back in to take a few blackmail photos of her in her predicament before telling her to keep her big mouth shut about this unless she wants to make it on the front page tomorrow. She yells after me as I walk away but its muffled through the panties. She wiggles on the ground trying to escape, hoping she can figure a way out of this before someone else finds her... who knows what they might do to her in this situation.

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